Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New UTM coordinate format

MyTopo has recently changed the way UTM coordinate numbers are displayed on their maps. The new format is a blend of UTM/MGRS/USNG coordinate formats. I think the change will be helpful to adventure racers.

Bushwhack Adventures' passports will provide UTM coordinates like this:

The bold numbers identify the grid column. The three smaller numbers to the right of the bold numbers are the easting and northing positions within the grid block.

Racers will see these new UTM formats in use on the 9-1-1 Adventure Challenge map and passport.


  1. We still line up with those blue lines, right? ;)

  2. Yes, the blue gridlines will be more helpful than the black gridlines when plotting UTM coordinates! Some areas of the base topo images have black gridlines on them, which has confused more than one AR team! Fortunately, the area covered by the 9-1-1 doesn't have that problem!