Gear list for 9-1-1 AC

The following gear lists apply to the 2010 9-1-1 Adventure Challenge.
Required Individual Gear:

All individual team members must have the following at all times while racing:
* Compass
* Whistle

All individual team members must have the following while biking:
* Mountain bike (road bikes not permitted)
* Bike helmet, worn properly while biking

All individual team members must have the following while swimming:
* Type III PFD minimum, non-inflatable, worn properly while in the water. (no boats will be involved)
Required Team Gear:
All teams must carry the following at all times while racing:
* Working cellphone in a waterproof container, for emergency use only
* Pen or pencil
* UTM plotting tool (for plotting CP’s on race map)
* Waterproof map/passport container
* Basic first aid kit (in case of arterial bleeding, comminuted bone fractures, etc) including:
.- four 4″x4″ compress bandages
.- one 3″ ace wrap bandage
.- one roll of 1″ waterproof medical tape

All teams must carry the following while biking:
* Bike repair kit (such as patch kit, tire levers, extra tubes, tools)
* Tire pump or CO2 inflator

Recommended optional gear:
* Pack for carrying food, drink, required gear, etc for duration of course
* Camera, for capturing the scenery and how much fun you’re having
* Dry bag or plastic bag for carrying gear during the swim.
Race passports/instructions and course maps will be provided.


  1. What scale should the UTM plotting tool be?

  2. We'll be providing a UTM tool for you. It will be a 1:24,000 scale.

  3. A question has been asked about the use of swim fins for the PFD swim. Yes, they are allowed, but you'll have to carry them with you through the course. Plan to do the same with your PFD - the lake is not at the Start/finish location.

  4. CheckPoint tracker lists paddling as part of this event, but canoe/kayak are not listed on the required equipment page. Can you confirm whether a canoe/kayak are required, or are they being provided by/available for rent via race organizers?

  5. Dry bag is listed as an optional item. Do we need to plan to carry all of our gear through the swim portion?

  6. I'll remove the "paddling" indicator from the CPT site shortly. There will be no boat involved, just you and your pfd in the water. :)

  7. The dry bag was listed because you may want to carry some gear with you across the lake, and you may want to keep it dry. Examples might be shoes, maps, compass, food/drink, etc.

  8. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for putting on the race, looking forward to it.

    When you mention that the PFDs have to be carried "with you through the course", do you mean the ENTIRE race (ie "throughout") ?

    Our team is trying to figure out how to carry the PFDs and wonder if we should expect them to be on our person all day.

    Jay Crooker
    Team Hugh Jasses

  9. Scratch that part about carrying PFD's. We've decided to transport them for you. You'll need to attach your team's PFD's together and label them with your team name somehow, and we'll transport them to the lake TA for you. I'll send that and more out in a racer update email tonight.

  10. My teammate is injured and can't race! Anybody need an extra team member?

  11. Are you guys going to transport PFDs after the swim or will we have to carry them at that point?