Register for 9-1-1 AC

Registration will close at 10pm on August 1, 2010. Or earlier if we get 45 teams signed up before then.

RACE DATE: August 7, 2010.

Please read the Bushwhack Adventures Refund Policy.

Team registration fees are basically $75 per person.
2-person team - $150
3-person team - $225
4-person team - $300

Register and pay through Checkpoint Tracker.

Step 1: Sign up as a Racer on Checkpoint Tracker and create your Team. Get your teammates to sign up also and add them to your Team. All of this is free and will be how Bushwhack gets your registration information.

Step 2: Add the 9-1-1 Adventure Challenge to your Team's Schedule on Checkpoint Tracker. This will create a Squad for this event. Add Racers from your Team to complete your Squad.

Step 3: Click on the Google Checkout button to pay the registration fee.

Step 4: Come enjoy the 9-1-1 Adventure Challenge on August 7th!

Offline registration form and waiver are available upon request. Racers using race credits from volunteering or past wins should use the offline registration method. Contact "Info @" to request for more details.

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